Valid Identification

Acceptable forms of identification will contain the following: photo, physical description of the person, signature, serial number, and expiration date. The following forms of identification are acceptable:

Paper Identification Documents – Identity of the signer can be established by the notary public’s reasonable reliance on the presentation of any one of the following documents, if the identification document is current or has been issued within five years (Civil Code section 1185(b)(3) & (4)):

  1. An identification card or driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety;
  2. A United States passport;
  3. Other Texas-approved identification cards, consisting of any one of the following, provided that it also contains a photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and an identifying number:
  • A passport issued by a foreign government provided that it has been stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services;
  • A driver’s license issued by another state or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s licenses;
  • An identification card issued by another state;
  • A United States military identification card with the required photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and an identifying number. (Some military identification cards do not contain all the required information.);
  • An employee identification card issued by an agency or office of the State of Texas, or an agency or office of a city, county, or city and county in Texas.

In the absence of above-mentioned ID, Credible Witnesses (2 people who personally know the signer and have an ID) may be used.

Source: Notary Public Handbook 2011